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Smart Electric Toothbrush Soft Bristled Replacement Heads Battery Powered Toothbrush With Brush Heads

29.00 AED

black 3 heads
green 3 heads
red 3 heads
white 3 heads


Smart zone change reminder: 30 seconds

Tooth brushing timing: 2 minutes

Waterproof rating: IPX7

Power supply: dry battery

Applicable : adults

Package Contents:

1 * Electric Toothbrush (Without Battery) + 3 * Brush Heads

1 * Electric Toothbrush (Without Battery) + 5 * Brush Heads (optional)


1. Smart zone change reminder: It is recommended that the brushing time for each oral cavity is 30 seconds, and an intelligent reminder will be given after 30s.

2. Warm timing function: The electric toothbrush is equipped with a smart timing function for brushing teeth, timing for 2 minutes to ensure a scientific brushing time.

3. One key button: One key to easily turn on the intelligent care mode, bid farewell to tedious operation and low energy consumption.

4. Movement: Built-in high-performance movement, strong power, stable performance, high-frequency vibration, thousands of micro-bubbles in the water.

5. Soft bristles: The bristles can be gently massaged, protect the gums, and carefully care for the fragile gums. They are comfortable and clean, and fit the teeth better.


The electric toothbrush can wash the tooth surface and between the teeth, powerfully sweep the food residue and  plaque in the mouth, and thoroughly clean each tooth.


black 3 heads, green 3 heads, red 3 heads, white 3 heads

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